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     Nightmare focuses on a high school student, Jake Slatter, a deeply depressed young man who lives with a mother who’s often absent from his life. His school life is no better as he faces constant bullying. The one thing that keeps him going is his infatuation with the girl of his dreams; Angela, a beautiful redhead that barely knows Jake exists. What’s worse is that she is dating Jake’s chief tormenter, Stan. Stan and his cronies go out of their way to make Jake’s life a living nightmare. Through a series of dream sequences, Jake finds the inner strength within himself to stand up to Stan and win over Angela’s affection, but as violence only begets violence, a vicious cycle begins to occur ending in death. Delving deep into the psychology and psychosis of Jake at the hands of the unyielding torment he endures, and exploring the relationship of the bully and the bullied; this story is less of a cautionary tale, and more of an examination of monsters. You can read the full story here:

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