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Two woman are brutalized by a group of psychopaths. What follows is almost more disturbing.

X-Rated feature about siblings in love.

Two families vie for survival; one a nuclear family...the other is one of cannibals. 

A family is infiltrated by a witch who is bent on destroying her cousin's life.

Religious repression is the central theme of this that would influence many of the motifs of Craven's work.

Craven breaths life into this early film from the DC archives.

A family moves to a town that may be a gateway to hell itself.

Craven invents a horror masterpiece that redefined the genre for decades.

A young man reemerges from the dead, very much alive but without a soul.

A group of friends find themselves victims of the remnants of the cannibals in the desert.

A woman dies suddenly, but her friend revives her...only she came back wrong.

Freddy returns to claim the last of the Elm Street children, but Nancy has a plan to stop him once and for all.

A man searches for a medical breakthrough but gets caught up in the world of voodoo and magic.

A thrilling companion piece to the original Elm Street finds a young man and his dark father in a fight that will break the bonds of reality.

A woman delves into the mind of a murderer to track down the killer.

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